Volunteer Toolkit

Helping your friends vote just got easier.

Whether you need ideas about how to start the conversation, or just want to remind your Instagram followers about the registration deadline, you’ll find what you need below.

These resources are tailored to our most recent 2022 election, but feel free to use them as templates!

2022 Election Resources

This year is a big one! Feel free to download these resources to help your people get it done.

Register to vote and request advance ballots.

Track the status of your ballot.

Use this scannable QR code to easily register to vote.

Use scannable QR code to see what’s on your ballot.

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Text/Email Templates

The biggest predictor of whether or not an unlikely voter will cast a ballot is if somebody reaches out to them about the election. We’ve created some sample texts/emails/newsletter blurbs that you or your organization can use to talk to your friends about the election this year.

Voter to Voter Resources

If you’re a Team Leader or Ambassador, you’re in the right place. Use these resources to stay on track during the election season.

Voter to Voter One-Pager

A tool to help brainstorm your 10+ contacts

Ambassador Getting Started Guide
En español

A tool to help Team Leaders grow their team.


Team Leader Manual

The Voter Network One Pager

Social Media

Give your friends election reminders where they spend the most time – on social media! Download and share these posts on your own page.

Register to Vote by Oct 18!

Encourage your people to sign-up to vote by mail!

Send your friends to KSBallot.org.

Have your friends join Voter to Voter!