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The biggest predictor of whether or not an unlikely voter will cast a ballot is if somebody reaches out to them about the election.

Voter to Voter gives you the support you need to make sure your networks are voting!

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More on Relational Organizing

Since 2018, we’ve been helping individuals and organizations working across the state to increase turnout with our Voter to Voter program. And, it’s working.

We connected with thousands of voters during the 2022 August primary election, and 70% of them voted compared to 48% statewide! And last year, in local elections, our rates were nearly double the Kansas average!

Relational organizing is not a new concept; we’ve simply built data-driven tools and resources-specific to Kansas-to help you motivate more of your people.

Peer-to-peer efforts have gained much-deserved attention (hello, Georgia!) and we’re excited to be offering the largest, peer-to-peer organizing effort in the state.

Who We Are

The Voter Network is dedicated to creating a culture of informed, enthusiastic Kansas voters.

Especially in communities that have been systemically excluded. We do this through our innovative friend-to-friend effort, Voter to Voter, and by providing reliable, nonpartisan election resources. Our partners are what makes this really work and we’ve built strong relationships with some pretty cool people along the way, including our generous funders listed here:


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Voters who turned out in 2020 at 91%

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