Understand Your Ballot

If you’ve ever looked at your ballot and wondered “who the heck are these people?!” – you’re not alone! Skip the google searching and head over to KSBallot.org to see every race and candidate on your ballot, in one place! By entering your address, you can research your candidates, find out where to vote early or on election day, and even set reminders to vote!

Enter your address in the toolbar below to see what will be on your ballot!

There are a lot of different reasons why people don’t vote. Not being able to find out who is on your ballot should not be one of them! 

KSBallot.org is a tool provided by the Voter Network (in both English and Spanish) that gives Kansas voters a nonpartisan, comprehensive look at the candidates and issues that will appear on their ballots. We want you to know what to expect, before you vote!

KSBallot will be live thirty days before the upcoming election.

On KSBallot.org you are able to:

  • read up on candidate’s positions and find links to their social media accounts and websites,
  • find your election day polling site and locations where you could vote early, and
  • make a plan to vote, and sign up for reminders!
  • request an advance mail-in ballot