Team Leader Election Timeline

Welcome Voter to Voter Team Leaders, we are glad you’re here! You are at the core of this effort and the reason we’re now talking to voters in 92 counties. Come back here when you need a reminder on what to do next.

As a Voter to Voter Team Leader, your main job is to make sure your Ambassadors:

  1. Have the information they need to complete their tasks.
    (Don’t worry, we have all the resources – you just need to share them!)
  2. Complete each of their tasks with all of their contacts, on time!

To make it as easy as possible, we’ve broken out your Team Leader activities by month.

  1. Create your team at and start recruiting ambassadors.
  2. Review our Team Leader Manual. 
  3. Make sure each of your Ambassadors has identified at least 10 contacts in the tool. (These are the people they will help vote this year!)

Now is the time for your Ambassadors to start connecting with their contacts! In June, there are two conversations your ambassadors should be having with their contacts:

  1. Connect with contacts and make sure they know there is an election on August 02 that all voters, even unaffiliated voters, can vote it.